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We are experts in market research


We treasure our experience.

We use our well-established ties with a network of partner agencies to manage national and international research projects.
Using innovative, inspiring methods that are based on research results and the market insights, we provide training solutions that help to bring personal values in line with the corporate outlook.
We complement research results with performance monitoring and measuring processes that cover a number of tiers and management areas, in order to support decision making and develop future response strategies.

Innovative approaches

We are constantly developing new observation methods that provide us with first-hand feedback on the opinions and feelings of consumers during the selection and purchasing process for goods and services. These are our favourite techniques:

Customer Journey Mapping
We’re living in an age of hypercompetition, so it’s essential for companies to ensure that all of their touchpoints convey the right message. In order to do this, they need to really get to know their consumers. Moxing is the name of our approach to Customer Journey Mapping: we make consumers the focal point and study purchasing processes from the perspective of their tangible experiences, examining aspects such as behaviour, unconscious actions and emotions.
We employ a wide range of interaction approaches, combining classic research methods with technological and web-based techniques in order to gather information while it is “fresh”, i.e. at the time and place where it takes shape, using the systems that are most in line with genuine habits.

Our Interactive qualitative method uses co-creation to cater to strategic, creative and conceptive business needs, such as developing a new product/service or establishing a brand positioning goal.
As part of our Interactive system, we utilize widely tried and tested techniques and methods in creative planning, with joint processes to bring together companies and their customers. It’s an effective, productive way of getting quick, practical results.
How does it work? We organize two (or more) workshop sessions that take place concurrently. There are frequent opportunities to discuss and compare the proposals, ideas and thoughts that are put forward by the participants as each session progresses.

AD Testing
We have specialist experience of ADV tests that combine classic qualitative methods (Focus Groups) with advanced neuroscience-based approaches.
We’ve adapted the techniques behind Neuro-Linguistic Programming for marketing purposes and we use them to assess how people’s perception of messages is influenced by the blend of languages in Verbal, Paraverbal (style, tone and rhythm) and Nonverbal communication (such as gestures, posture, use of space and colours).
The method can be used for all communication formats, such as TV commercials, press campaigns, billboards, packaging and exhibition area layouts. Projects of this kind can be carried out extremely quickly and the economic outlay is similar to that for traditional approaches.

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Ricerche sul clima aziendale

La risorsa fondamentale di ogni azienda sono le persone: un buon clima interno di lavoro, infatti, migliora l’immagine aziendale, aumenta le performance e aiuta personale ed azienda ad allineare stile e valori per relazionarsi al meglio con i clienti.

Ecco perché aiutiamo da anni le aziende sviluppando con loro progetti e percorsi per:
  • Misurare il clima aziendale interno per conoscere lo “stato di salute” di un’organizzazione.
  • Individuare i bisogni e i desideri del cliente per un coerente orientamento dei comportamenti del personale
  • Valorizzare l’immagine esterna dell’organizzazione per un corretto posizionamento.

Main methods

  • Line extension development
  • Brand equity
  • Brand image
  • Category test

  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Marketing mix test
  • Name & logo test
  • Packaging & usability test
  • Price test

  • Product & concept test
  • Shelf test
  • Trade studies
  • Tracking studies

Main tools

  • CATI
  • CAWI
  • CAPI
  • Panel surveys

  • In-store observation
  • Touch Point Mapping
  • Motivational Analysis
  • Ethnographic Observation

  • Creative Groups
  • B2B and B2C Interviews
  • Semiotic Analysis
  • Mystery Clients

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